Jun 24

Case Study – Burn to Arm Caused by Defective Machinery

Case Study – Burn to Arm Caused by Defective Machinery

Our client worked in an industrial environment and his duties involved cling-wrapping items using a machine designed for the purpose. Items came down a conveyor belt and through a “curtain” of cling wrap after which a heated bar came down and sealed the wrapping. One day our client was operating this machine when the heating bar went up unexpectedly trapping his wrist against a roller which was part of the machine. He was left with a nasty burn scar on the inside of his wrist, and had to take time off work.

The insurers of our client’s employer accepted Cashell Solicitor’s contention that the company had been negligent and in breach of Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005. The company admitted liability for the accident and put forward a first, and then a second offer, to settle the claim. Upon Cashell Solicitor’s advice these were rejected. It was only at the third instance that an acceptable offer plus legal costs was forthcoming, which our client accepted.

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